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Lourena Brodie operates and owns Abundant Life Massage Therapy. Her unique style of massage has helped many people get relief from chronic pain when no other treatments could.  She believes everyone should have the highest quality of life as possible. Are you ready to be pain free? Do you want to have a better quality of life? Are you ready to have real change in your life? Click on "About Us" to learn more about this exciting opportunity to heal your chronic pain!

About Us

Lourena uses many styles of massage therapy to ensure your ultimate treatment experience. She is trained in


 Orthopedic Manuel Therapy

 Primal reflex release Therapy

  These styles use your nervous system to heal the pain and dysfunction in the body and down regulates the sympathetic nervous system.

Lourena also has  training in:

Swedish Massage

Sport Massage

Maternity Massage

A Customer Said...

After  serving many years in the armed forces my many aches and pains have been able to be treated by Lourena's unique techniques and treatment plan for me.



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